We help over 500 companies to manage their occupational health programs more effectively.

Carelever is a cloud-based SaaS platform that makes it easier for you to manage your occupational health processes and health data.

Carelever helps you to manage and track all your occupational health programs including medical appointments, vaccination status, health records and much more.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and file folders. Carelever will transform the way you administer health information in your business, ensuring you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips.

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Technology enabled Occupational Health for your business

We know that different Occupational Health programs have unique administrative requirements. That’s why there is a Carelever Module to tackle each of them!

We’ve automated some of the complex workflows that go into managing an Occupational Health program to save you valuable time.

Carelever’s modules have been designed specifically to manage the many different occupational health requirements across the full employee lifecycle.

    Carelever Screen

    Pre-Employment Assessments

    Mobilise new starters quickly with pre-employment assessment tracking. Popular Features include:

    • NReal Time Tracking
    • NCustomise testing requirements & paperwork
    • NCapture baseline health monitoring information

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    Carelever Monitor

    Health Surveillance

    Efficiently manage, administer and track your Health Surveillance programs. Popular Features include:

    • NAutomate your testing requirements & frequencies for your business
    • NMonitor and report on who’s due for testing
    • NSet notifications & reminders so you are always compliant

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    Carelever Manage

    Injury Management

    View and keep on top of your work-related and non-work related Injury and health Management cases. Popular Features:

    • NReal Time Tracking
    • NStores Medical certificates
    • NEasily view all communication about the file

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    Carelever Comply

    Vaccination Tracking

    Capture, verify and track that your workforce meet legislative vaccination and other requirements. Popular Features Include:

    • NCaptures & stores records & certificates
    • NMultiple vaccine verification options
    • NSet notifications & reminders for vaccine booster tracking

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