Employee vaccination tracking & verification made simple

Dec 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

KINNECT Chief Executive, Kevin Conlon, discusses our new workforce immunisation tracking tool, Carelever Comply.

In Australia today, it’s all about vaccinations. With the race to 80% well and truly on, and almost daily announcements from companies and government organisations introducing mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for employees, we too have been talking about this topic quite a bit.

One of the issues we know is coming for business (besides the potential legal quagmire that mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations could be) is how to actually check an employee’s vaccination status.

Picture this scenario:

  1. I’m a HR Director and I have been tasked to capture this information at both pre-employment and post-employment for thousands of employees.
  2. Firstly, we have to get those vaccination certificates. Let’s imagine there are thousands of vaccination certificates that we need our employees to provide and physically check.
  3. My organisation also decides that not only do we want to check that our employees are suitably vaccinated and check their status against the Australian Immunisation Register, but we want them to hold a certain level of immunity with respect to other diseases too (Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus).
  4. Imagine then the thousands of Serology Reports that need to be interpreted to verify that they meet our requirements too and the specialist knowledge and internal resources that this requires?
  5. Oh, and let’s not forget that my employees are likely to need COVID-19 booster shots in the future too and we’ll need to track that too.

The task of how to capture, verify and then track vaccination and immunity status is massive administrative burden. COVID-19 has just put the spotlight on it.

We know it’s something our clients are grappling with, and we want to be there to help them.

That’s why Carelever has launched a new tool that will support organisations to do just that; capture, evaluate and track their workforce immunisation history in a far easier way.

This tool is Carelever Comply.

It’s an addition to our occupational health technology platform, Carelever, and very similar to the kind of smarts we already utilise in Carelever Monitor, our well-established health surveillance module.

It is specifically designed for organisations where mandatory vaccinations are already required or likely to become mandatory like in healthcare, the university sector for student healthcare placements, aged care, transport etc.

The new Carelever Comply module will enable organisations to capture each employee’s immunity status, evaluate it, and track it throughout their employment.

It will help organisations to ensure every employee is compliant with legislation or the requirements for their organisation or industry.

Before we invented Carelever, we know many of our clients used spreadsheets for this kind of health data (some still do!). But monitoring vaccination and serological data by traditional means is really difficult and LMS / HR platforms have not been designed for this.

If you are working in an organisation that plans to or already does track your employee’s vaccination history, then Carelever Comply is about to make this job far simpler.

To our knowledge, it is the only product on the market that will capture, evaluate and track immunisation history at an organisational level, making it far easier for you to check compliance and identify any gaps.

Find out more about how Carelever Comply works or reach out to us to book a demo.